As an added convenience to our customers we have an Email Service, whereas you can simply place your digital photo order by sending us a regular Email with your order attached as a JPG attachment.  For more information do not hesitate to call us at 250-656-5443.                                                                                       



How to send us an email containing your .jpg file photo as an attachment.

How to send a photograph attached to an e-mail

It's easy to send a photography to us or to anybody else, using the software that you normally use to send email.

However, you can't attach a photo file or any other kind of file unless you know exactly where it's located on your computer. Most pictures will be located within the overall folder "My Pictures" which is within the folder "My Documents"

  1. Compose a message in your email software, such as Apple Mail, Outlook Express, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or whatever you normally use.
  2. Find the button for attachments on your email software. It may look like a paper clip and it will probably say "attach files".
  3. Click on that button. An explorer window will open.
  4. Navigate to the folder where the .jpg file you want to send is located. For example, mypictures/2007Jan/0123.jpg
  5. Click on the name of the picture ( .jpg file) that you wish to send.
  6. If you want to send more than one file, hold down the "control" key and click on the additional file names.
  7. The display of the email message you're sending will have change. It will now say something like "attachments (1) 0123.jpg"
  8. The message will probably also tell you the size of the file(s) you have attached - "140KB" for example.
  9. Press "send"
  10. Email with attachments takes longer to upload than plain text. If  your photos are large, it may take a minute or more.